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The Instrument of the Immortals for our Upper Keys Venue

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Dear Devoted Patron,
The spirit of giving and a community of generosity are what makes the Florida Keys Concert Association so special. We’ve come a long way from our humble 1969 roots when we were able to present only four concerts in Marathon. Through the years, volunteers and supporters in Marathon have helped us grow our Middle Keys Venue. We were able to purchase first the six-foot Petrof piano and, after many successful seasons and fundraisers in Marathon, our world-class Steinway Concert Grand piano, which elevated the performances to an extraordinary level!

Then in 2010, the Association began providing concerts in Islamorada. Historically, the Upper Keys Venue utilized our six-foot Petrof piano. While the Petrof piano served us well, patrons who attended both venues notice the difference. We yearn to create an even more captivating concert experience for all who grace the Upper Keys Venue. Thus, we embark on a mission to acquire another nine-foot Steinway Concert Grand Piano for the Upper Keys Venue, and we need your help to achieve this remarkable enhancement.

With a goal of raising $125,000, we turn to you, our cherished patron, to play a leading role in making this dream a reality. Your generosity, above and beyond your regular donations, will be the instrumental force behind this endeavor. Together, let us forge an environment where visiting artists can flourish, bringing their artistry to life and enchanting audiences throughout the Florida Keys.

To contribute, simply click on the “Donate” button or mail your check to the address below:
PO Box 522636,
Marathon, FL 33052

To learn more about the campaign contact FLKCA fundraiser Chairman, Pat Key at (305) 481-4841 or [email protected]

We appreciate contributions of all sizes, as every dollar brings us closer to our target. Here are some suggested donation tiers to consider:

  1. “Key Sponsorship”: For a donation of $1,000, you can sponsor individual keys on the keyboard, supporting the melodious variations and intricate musical tapestry.
  1. “Chord Sponsorship” For a donation of $2,500, you can sponsor a chord by buying three or four keys together, representing the harmonious blending of notes that create captivating melodies.
  1. “Middle C”: Key Sponsorship: For a donation of $5000, you can buy or sponsor the iconic “Middle C” key on the keyboard, symbolizing the foundation and harmony of musical compositions.
  1. “Steinway Sponsorship”: For an extraordinary contribution of $125,000, you can sponsor the full acquisition of the Steinway piano for the Upper Keys Venue. As a token of our eternal gratitude, an Upper Keys concert will be held annually in your name, and you will also be recognized in the program book, forever commemorating your exceptional support.

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“The Instrument of the Immortals”

Experience the unparalleled brilliance of a Steinway piano – a musical masterpiece unlike any other. Revered by the world’s most renowned pianists, Steinway has dedicated over 170 years to crafting the epitome of excellence in pianos. Their relentless pursuit of perfection has resulted in the creation of the iconic “Modern Piano,” setting the global standard for concert halls, performance venues, and esteemed educational institutions alike. When it comes to performance instruments, Steinway is not merely an option but an indispensable necessity.

In the prestigious world of orchestras and stages, Steinway & Sons instruments dominate, accounting for an astounding 97% of pianos surpassing more than two dozen competitors available on the piano market.

The history of Steinway’s influence on music is legendary, embraced by virtuosos and composers of unparalleled stature. From the immortal works of Liszt, Gounod, and Rubinstein to the brilliance of Paderewski, Hoffman, and Rachmaninoff, the Steinway piano has been the instrument of choice for musical geniuses since the days of Wagner. For more information on Steinway Concert Grand Piano go to

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